Powder Coated

WT White

BL Black

SL Anodic Silver
wt. metallic fleck

DA Dark Aluminum
wt. metallic fleck

DB Dark Bronze

AG Anthracite Grey

BT Basalt Grey

LT Latte

CWC Weathered Copper

CG2 Green 2

Custom Color

custom_coloursLumascape has its own in-house, state of the art powder coat system complete with a large color library and can powder coat most products any color that is required.

When ordering a special color, state the brand and colour of the powder coat that has been chosen.

NOTE: Color swatches shown are as close as possible to powder coated finishes. See your Lumascape contact for production samples.

Quality Coating Process

Lumascape’s corrosion resistant, marine grade aluminium fixtures are firstly acid etched to remove surface contaminants and ensure maximum coating adhesion. The sanitized fixtures then undergo the chemical conversion process to alter surface structure of the aluminium and provide a keyed surface to further enhance the coating adhesion.

Lumascape’s powder coat is an architectural grade formula, selected specifically for its durability in harsh, coastal environments and offers in excess of 10 years service life.

This chromate conversion process also protects the aluminium from oxidation if the fixture is scratched. The result is a highly durable fixture with enduring color qualities.