Head Office of LumascapeAbout Lumascape

Based in San Carlos California, Lumascape is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of exterior, ingrade and underwater lighting products. Trading since 1990, our rep network encompasses the entire North American continent.

Our manufacturing facility includes a fully equipped CAD-CAM design centre, CNC technology, robotics and a self-contained powder-coating plant. The in-house design centre focuses on the use of highly durable materials such as marine grade 316 stainless steel and smart engineering to create long lasting and reliable luminaires.

Lumascape’s pursuit of design excellence has resulted in a number of lighting innovations including Human Touch – low glass and product temperature, Pure Optics advanced titanium dichroic reflectors, Grip Glass slip resistant safety glass, proprietary anti-binding nuts and anti-leaching cable.

Our products are proven in some of the most harsh environments in North America, including the extreme temperatures of Arizona, the corrosive environments of the coastal South, the high humidity of Florida, and the cold Midwest winters.

Ongoing investment in research and development will see Lumascape continue to bring further advancements and innovative solutions to exterior lighting with significant benefits for customers and end users alike.

Commitment to the Future

Head Office of LumascapeLumascape is committed to quality and continued product development. Regular additions to our range ensure we constantly introduce higher quality lighting products to a demanding market. To achieve this, Lumascape invests significantly in machinery and highly-qualified staff.

Our design centre is equipped with the latest in CAD-CAM design software and computer hardware. But innovative design does not just happen. It requires an ongoing commitment from our company and staff – a commitment to relentlessly push the limits of design and functionality.

Product testing plays a major role in this ongoing development. Our testing facility is equipped with a computer monitoring system as well as submersion testing to 40 metres. Even our tooling is built to exacting standards within our very own engineering department. With Lumascape’s tool shop running the latest computer-controlled machinery, and the design centre using cutting edge software, we’re strongly positioned to meet our future research and product development objectives.