Ingrade LS343

Ingrade LS343

The Ingrade LS343 is a premium ingrade luminaire with outstanding performance. Independent labs tests rated the housing as fully sealed, with it rated for submersion up to 33′ (10 m). The glass surface is safe to touch when fitted with HumanTouch™. Re-lamping and re-sealing on site is simple and robust. Extensive choice of lamps and accessories make the LS343 suitable for most uplighting applications.


Lamp Source

39 W, 70 W MH T6 (G12)
39 W, 70 W MH R111 (GX8.5)
39 W, 70 W MH PAR 30 (E26 medium)
18 W CFL (GX24-q2)
26 W, 32 W CFL (GX24-q3)
42 W CFL (GX24-q4)
75 W max HAL R111 (G53)
75 W max PAR 20 – 38 (E26 medium)

Approved SourceSuitable for wet locations

Suitable for use in poured concrete
IP RatingIP68
Construction316 marine grade stainless steel
Installation TypesPre-Installation Blockout
Concrete pour, drive-over & general use applications

Direct Burial
Landscapes, planters & special applications (consult factory)
Drive-overWith OptiClear™ lens and pre-installation blockout
(LS640-K or LS640-K-SP)
Static Load Rating8 140 lb (3 700 kg) with OptiClear™ lens and pre-installation blockout
(Load applied to center of glass across a 2″ diameter area)
Impact RatingIK10 with OptiClear™ lens
Standard InclusionsTeflon coated cover screws
MicroAntiLeach™ wire entry
Ambient Operating TemperatureHID -20 °F to 122 °F (-30 °C to 40 °C)

CFL 0 °F to 122 °F (-18 °C to 40 °C)
Order Separately
LS640-K/LS640-K-SP Pre-installation blockout
PhotometricsRefer to
Glass Temperature≤149 °F (≤65 °C) HumanTouch™ compliant models

Any luminaire can become hot – take care with appropriate use and placement.