Introducing the Next-Generation Woda W3, Underwater and Wet/Dry Projectors

Illuminate water features, sculptural, architectural, and landscape projects with the next-generation Woda W3 underwater and wet/dry projectors, the newest edition to Lumascape’s precision-engineered lighting solutions. 

With an impressive output of up to 3,600 lumens, the Woda W3 offers a choice between a 24 W and 48 W option for underwater, and a 24 W option only for wet/dry, and dry applications.  

This luminaire also offers these additional features including: 

  • > 3,500 lm @ 4,000K (48 W) | > 2,100 lm @ 4,000K (24W) 

  • > 2,000 lm RGBW (48W) | > 1,200 lm RGBW (24 W) 

  • Available in 24 W and 48 W options 

  • Multiple beam angles including symmetrical and elliptical options 

  • Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance 

  • Glare control accessories including a honeycomb and snoot array louver 

  • IP68 factory-sealed, suitable for permanent submersion up to 33 ft (10 m) 

  • Easy installation with 1 or 2 hole fixing mount yoke 

  • 220º adjustability for directing light where it is needed the most 

  • MicroAntiLeach™ Technology as standard that blocks moisture from entering the luminaire 

  • PowerSync™ Technology offers high-speed digital communication using only a single cable 

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater applications, including ocean installations 

  • Configurable length supply cable 

About Lumascape 

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Media Contact 

Caroline Jones 
Marketing Manager, Lumascape