Limited quantities of discontinued products may be available at a discounted price. Please enquire with Lumascape for availability.

Discontinued products

Description Discontinued Data Sheet Installation Instructions Replacement
LS192-2A 7/11/2017 LS192-2A Not Available LS192-2LED
LS192A 7/11/2017 LS192A Not Available LS192LED
LS275A 2/12/2014 LS275A C789US LS375LED
LS275LED 2/12/2014 LS275LED C1995US LS375LED
LS294 28/04/2015 C651US C788US pSHM4
LS294LED 28/04/2015 Not Available Not Available pSHM4
LS333ANS-2 15/07/2015 LS333ANS-2 C617US-2 LS333ANS-2COB
LS341 10/11/2015 LS341 C1083US Not Available
LS343 17/02/2021 LS343 Not Available LS3080
LS345 10/11/2015 LS345 C1083US Not Available
LS361 10/11/2015 LS361 C737US Not Available
LS362LED 06/06/2022 LS362LED IN0155US LS3040 | LS3042
LS363LED 16/06/2021 LS363LED IN0030US | IN0031US LS3040 | LS3042
LS365 10/11/2015 LS365 C1714US Not Available
LS371A 2/12/2014 C725US C692US sSHL9
LS371LED 2/12/2014 LS371LED LS371LED sSHL9
LS393 17/02/2021 LS393 Not Available LS393LED
LS421 17/02/2021 Not Available IN0082 LS1010 | LS1012
LS421LED 24/06/21 LS421LED IN0085US LS1010 | LS1012
LS422 17/02/2021 LS422 IN0117 LS2010 | LS2012
LS422LED 24/06/2021 LS422LED IN0098US LS2010  | LS2012
LS431 17/02/2021 LS431 IN0081 LS1015
LS431LED 24/06/2021 LS431LED IN0094US LS1015
LS432 17/02/2021 LS432 IN0112 LS2020 | LS2022
LS432LED 24/06/2021 LS432LED IN0096US LS2020  | LS2022
LS452LED 17/02/2021 LS452LED IN0102US Not Available
LS461 1/2/2016 Not Available Not Available LS2020 | LS2022
LS471 30/06/2017 LS471 Not Available sQAD8
LS471 31/08/2017 LS471 C1910US sQAD8
LS471LED 30/06/2017 LS471LED IN0087 sQAD8
LS471LED 31/08/2017 LS471LED C1910US sQAD8
LS482 17/02/2021 LS482 C1317US aPLR
LS5030 16/06/2021 LS5030 IN0191US LS375LED
LS5070 16/06/2021 LS5070 IN0179US LS375LED
LS582 17/02/2021 LS582 Not Available aPLR
LS592 17/02/2021 LS592 IN0084US aPLR
LS6012 07/03/2022 Not Available Not Available Not Available
LS6013 07/03/2022 Not Available Not Available Not Available
LS618 28/10/2022 Not Available Not Available Not Available
LS6540 GEN 1 31/08/2021 LS6540 IN0172 LS6540 Gen 2
LS6550 GEN 1 29/07/2022 Not Available IN0194 LS6550 Gen 2
LS6970 23/08/2023 LS6970 Not Available Not Available
LS843 2/12/2014 C1541US C1562 | C1615US LS3060 | LS3062
LS853 10/11/2015 LS853 Not Available LS3060 | LS3062
LS853LED 17/06/2021 LS853LED IN0075US LS3060 | LS3062
LS9010 GEN 1 06/10/2021 LS9010 IN0140 LS9010 Gen 2
LS9015 GEN 1 06/10/2021 LS9015 Not Available LS9015 Gen 2
LS9031 20/08/2021 LS9031 IN0206 LS9032
LS9050 GEN 1 21/09/2021 LS9050 IN0170 LS9050 Gen 2
LSET-75-120 17/03/2016 LSET-75-120 Not Available Not Available
LSET-75-277 17/03/2016 LSET-75-277 Not Available Not Available
LSDIN-24V10W10 29/06/2022 LSDIN-24V10W10 Not Available LSLED-24V12W277
LSDIN-48V75W10 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V75W10 Not Available LSLED120W
LSDIN-48V120W09 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V120W09 Not Available LSLED120W
LSDIN-48V120W10 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V120W10 Not Available LSLED120W
LSDIN-48V240W09 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V240W09 Not Available LSLED240W
LSDIN-48V240W10 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V240W10 Not Available LSLED240W
LSDIN-48V480W09 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V480W09 Not Available LSLED480W
LSDIN-48V480W10 29/06/2022 LSDIN-48V480W10 Not Available LSLED480W
LSLED 29/06/2022 LSLED Not Available Not Available
LSLED-24V75W277 29/06/2022 LSLED-24V75W277 Not Available Not Available
LSLED-24V96W277 9/12/2015 LSLED-24V96W277 Not Available LS-T
LS-TWM-100 17/03/2016 LS-TWM-100 Not Available LS-T
LS-TWM-150 17/03/2016 LS-TWM-150 Not Available LS-T
LS-TWM-250 17/03/2016 LS-TWM-250 Not Available LS-T
LS-TWM-50 17/03/2016 LS-TWM-50 Not Available LS-T