Visual Comfort Technology

Rapid technological advancements and impressive energy savings from LED light sources have dramatically increased the rate of LED adoption across the globe. And, as quickly as LED implementation has grown, so too have the complaints of glare caused by LEDs, especially in outdoor spaces.

As a manufacturer, it is not enough to produce luminaires that have the greatest efficacy, achieving higher lumens per watt. A more comprehensive approach is required as we once again focus on lighting quality with better optical design and precision engineering.

We know that the primary source of glare is caused by the high contrast ratio between the LED lens and the surrounding surface area. This understanding led us to develop an advanced visual comfort technology called EasyGlowTM, that reduces contrast while still achieving maximum light output.

A patented frosted array surrounds the LED lenses and creates a luminous plane by capturing the small amount of escaping light to create a back-lit effect and thereby reduces the contrast between the light source and the surrounding surface area. By reducing the contrast ratio, the perception of glare is dramatically reduced.

The combination of powerful digital light, premium optics and excellent glare control delivers best-in class performance. By helping to mitigate glare, EasyGlowTM improves visual comfort and visibility, making outdoor spaces safer and more inviting.


Specify with confidence, knowing your project features EasyGlowTM . Be sure to look for the EasyGlowTM logo on all luminaires.