MR-16 Replacement Lamps - MR16

A Convenient high-quality LED lamp.

Product Overview

The MR-16 is a convenient high-quality LED lamp. The MR-16 is available in three intensities, three beam angle options, and two color temperatures. Fully potted, it carries a five-year warranty.

Suitable for use with

dARI6 dAria-6 Directional
dTSA6 dTessa Directional
dCHZ6 dChaz-6 Directional
nSLA15 NSola In-Grade


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Product Configurator

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Default (LED)

1) On/Off or 2) Phase-cut Dimming

Zone/Dim (ZD)

Zone/Dim with Luxor® Technology using the ZDClink Lighting Controller.



4.3 W (20)

5.4 W (35)

5.4 W (35)

ZD Control Only

6.5 W (50)

6.5 W (50)

ZD Control Only

Light Source


Warm (W)

2,700 K

Soft (S)

3,000 K

Cool (C)

3,900 K

Beam Angles

Published angles may vary slightly to photometric data. Please refer to IES files where relevant.


Very Narrow (VN)

10º beam angle

Flood (FL)

35º beam angle

Wide Flood (WF)

60º beam angle